Audio Files — My Last Sunday at Faithbridge

It’s been several weeks now, and I meant to do this sooner, but here are the audio recordings from my last Sunday at Faithbridge:

  • My Last Sermon — and my least prepared one at that, too.  I haven’t listened to the recording yet, so let me know if it comes out ok.
  • Shine For You — this is a song I wrote for Faithbridge several years ago, and performed one last time with the praise team.  A lot of kids from the youth group also joined us for this one, playing guitar, bass, drums, and (my favorite) flute.
  • Mr. Preacher Man — this is a spoof of Billy Joel’s “Piano Man,” written/arranged by Tom Bozarth, and performed by the praise team to “commemorate” my time at Faithbridge.  The words are a little hard to hear, but absolutely hilarious (and all true).

All of the recordings are hosted at the Internet Archive, and (like all my songs) are published under a Creative Commons 3.0 Share Alike License — so feel free to download, copy, distribute, remix, etc.

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