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My Personal Statement of Faith (for now…)

[Part II of my application for Candidacy in the PC(USA) Ordination Process] I trust in one God who is the creator and sustainer of all worlds. I trust—even when I do not necessarily understand—that this one God is also somehow … Continue reading

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How the Music Came Back

In high school, I wrote about two or three songs each month, mostly melodramatic love songs and nineties-pop songs . In college, I slowed to about two or three songs a year. After college and for most of the last … Continue reading

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Q1: Ownership

What Does it Mean to “Own” Something? And two tangential questions: Who or what grants ownership? God? Government? Consensus? Strength? Are there things that cannot be owned? Places? People? Thoughts? God? And yes, I fully realize the historical irony of … Continue reading

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A Few Simple Questions

In Open-Source culture, taking someone’s programming code and modifying it to suit one’s own needs and purposes is not considered theft, but rather a compliment of the highest order. To that end, I’m taking a page from the blog of … Continue reading

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