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As the dust settles on yesterday’s elections, it seems that for the second time in two years, every single candidate I voted for lost. I even had to vote for some Libertarians just to avoid voting for the Repubs uncontested … Continue reading

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Arlington National Cemetery

I’m here. I have waited many years for this moment. When I first learned of the opportunity for this trip to DC, this place where I now sit was the reason I instantly decided to come. I have thought often … Continue reading

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Come Join Cool Debate

This could turn out to be fun: Mexican Immigration Debate on Comments from one of Christina’s blogs. Annie??? Help???? Willer??? (Nah, you’d probably side with Timothy).

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An Honor and a Privilege

One of the things I like most about blogging is the opportunity to express myself, to make my voice heard. About two and a half hours ago, I expressed myself in a different way, again making my voice heard: I … Continue reading

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Round Two!

Allow me to start with the words of a true progressive, visionary, and someone who I guess must be just as plugged into the matrix as I am: Howard Dean, in his concession speech, closed by saying “Although my candidacy … Continue reading

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Round One…ding, ding, ding!

Hey kiddoes…wana see your English teacher get in a huge debate with someone just as smart (or more likely, smarter) than he is? It could get ugly, but read this entry in my blog first, then read hers, and you … Continue reading

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To all the “Disenchanted Deaniacs”

This is a blog long overdue. I meant to write it last week, after Howard Dean announced his withdrawal from the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. In years past, I have considered myself to be a “professional-amateur political hack,” … Continue reading

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