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Folk Song #5: A Simple Song to Help Stop the War

Five down, five to go! (I figure ten songs is barely enough for a first album). I started writing this one last night and finished sometime after midnight, so I guess technically I can say that I wrote it on … Continue reading

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This is for you, Bettina

(and any other copyright hawks still reading)

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Farmers Branch Sucks.

Well, not all of them. Just 68%.

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Open-Source Government?

Thanks to Annie for pointing this out to me. Joho the Blog says: The Sunlight–Berkman confab on providing more access to more information about politics and government was terrific. And then: Most of the attendees are progressives, although some are … Continue reading

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Share the Wealth

Yesterday, I ran accross an old favorite of mine again on Wikipedia: I have to admit, though Huey Long is a controversial figure, and on some issues (racial equality, for one) he disappoints, I am still fascinated by some of … Continue reading

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Why I Am [Not] a Christian.

Oddly enough, in the past two years that I have been blogging, less than a handful of my posts have been about my spiritual beliefs—a subject that is at the core of my life, my vocation, and my passion. Rather … Continue reading

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It’s that time of year when students and adults alike break out the calculators to demonstrate some basic math skills. For the students, the math portion of the Texas Asessment of Knowledge and Skills is in just two weeks, and … Continue reading

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