Date Night

Amy and I had our first date last night since Grady was born. Grandma and Grandpa were in town, and volunteered to come by and babysit for an evening, so we took advantage of the opportunity. Dinner at Bennigan’s, then a movie–Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Dinner was good, the movie was slightly better than mediocre, but my date looked gorgeous, and it was nice to spend time just for each other again.

Of course, Amy was ready to call home and check on Grady about five minutes after we got to the restaurant, and then again right as the movie was about to start. But baby boy was in good hands, and was happy (although not exactly sleepy) by the time we got home. While we were gone, his Grandpa Jim recited the Gettysburg Address to him, thereby introducing him to his first political speech. I was so proud. Although perhaps a speech by a Democratic president might have been preferable…

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