Of Mice, Men, Scottish Poets, Doctors, and Switchfoot

My apologies for the long delay in updating the good ol’ blog–please bear with me as I learn to divide my time between family, school, and the blogosphere…

For my freshmen, I finally updated the English One Page to include your assignments and such for this six weeks. If you want, you may get a head start on the new composition, though as a few of you seem to have already discovered, Robert Burns’ Scottish dialect almost seems like a foreign language!

Grady had his first visit to the doctor today–also his first “outing” since coming home from the hospital (which wouldn’t really be an “outing,” would it. More like an “inning.”). Anyhow, I’m pleased to report he has gained a pound, and a few inches. In fact, at 9 lbs. and 22-3/4″ long, his doctor said he’s longer than 95% of infants his age. He’s gonna be a giant. I hope he doesn’t beat me up someday…

Finally, how come no one ever told me about Switchfoot? I bought their CD “The Beautiful Letdown” today, mostly because I learned that the first song–Meant to Live–is actually based on Steinbeck’s novel Of Mice and Men, which we’re about to study. Perfect timing. Great song. But not only that, I kept listening, and almost every track on the album is just as good. It’s the best one I’ve heard in quite a while, and Amy likes it too. We even let Grady listen to it tonight–his first “rock” album! As wonderful as the music is, I’m even more impressed with the quality of their lyrics, which are searching, yet optimistic. One of the songs even mentions U2’s Bono, so they must be on the right track. Anyhow, I’m glad that there’s still good music out there that’s fresh, challenging, and hopeful.

Alright, enough of this–back to the grindstone (grades due tomorrow, lessons to write, babies to burp, etc.).

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