Folk Song #3: Imperfect Love Song

When I was a hormonal teenager, love songs were pretty much all I wrote. When I look back on them now (or worse, listen to them) I’m struck by how grandiose (but shallow) they seem, and how I spoke of an impossible ideal I could not possibly have understood. Just as an example, I had only known Amy for two weeks (my junior year of high school) when I wrote her a song entitled “Forever” (and scared the hell out of her). Luckily for me, we did end up pledging our lives to one another, much, much later — so I could claim I was somehow “prescient.” Except for the fact that I said pretty much the same kinds of things to any girl who paid me the slightest amount of attention. Of course, Amy still likes those songs very much — especially the ones I wrote for her.

I wrote this one for her too, but also for me, and for some friends of ours going through difficult times. Since folk music (at least my kind) strives to be about real life and real people, this is my first ever attempt at a “real” love song. Which makes it, of course, an imperfect one, just like me.

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