House for Sale!

949951954959968970948953 As excited as we are about Seminary and moving into the “next phase” of our lives, getting our house ready to sell has been less than exciting, and mostly just a lot of work. But we’re almost there. If all goes as planned, our awesome real estate agent (and my best man at our wedding), Justin Phillips, will list our house starting this Monday. So here’s where I need your help. We took a bunch of pictures of our house, and need some input for which ones are the very best ones to include in the MLS listing and on the flyers. You can click here to see all of them.

Oh, and if you (or anyone you know) love the pictures enough to buy it, we’re listing it at $135,000 — a great price for a “starter” home in Suburbia. And Ginger, it’s less than a mile away from the soccer stadium.

UPDATE: Just two days on the market, and we’ve had an offer. We might even take it!

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