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New Haircut

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Abby @ One Month

This past Sunday, Abigail Ashley Locke passed the one-month mark. I thought that meant we could stop counting her age in weeks, but apparently I was wrong. We can start counting her age in months after she’s a year or … Continue reading

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Abigail Ashley Locke

109810991100 She was born at 1:54pm on St. Nicholas day (December 6th). She weighs 9 pounds and 11 ounces, and is 20.5 inches long. She’s a beautiful baby girl with a soft, sweet cry that is so different than her … Continue reading

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A Samson Moment

10681069 Yesterday I was having a Samson moment. Because of some stuff happening in my life right now, I was feeling shorn of power, shorn of favor, and shorn of identity. Like Samson, it was mostly a situation brought on … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, My Super-Hero-Warrior-Son

1041104210401064 So we did the Chuck-E-Cheese thing. Not my favorite (noise, chaos, junk food), but at least we didn’t have to clean up, and Grady (of course) loved all of it. More pictures are here. Among his favorite two presents … Continue reading

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Grady-Daddy Camping Trip

1039100110211016 This past weekend, Grady and I left suburbia behind for our first-ever-Daddy-and-Grady-camping-trip. We both thought it was pretty cool. The original plan had been to camp at one of several campgrounds near one of the many lakes in the … Continue reading

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House for Sale!

949951954959968970948953 As excited as we are about Seminary and moving into the “next phase” of our lives, getting our house ready to sell has been less than exciting, and mostly just a lot of work. But we’re almost there. If … Continue reading

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