I think they LOST something.

[Spoiler Warning]

Last night’s season premiere of LOST didn’t deviate too much from the usual structure: There were flashbacks, revelations, forest chase-scenes, fistfights, weirdness (hello, forced-to-watch-videos-boy), and of course, surprises. Although seriously, who (besides the ex-husband) didn’t see that bus coming, from the moment she first mentioned the idea four scenes back?

But there was one “set” of elements missing, and they are the whole reason why I watch the show. Last night, where were the:

  • Philosophy, Mythology, and Theology?
  • Literary or Historical Allusion?
  • Themes of Brokenness and Redemption?
  • Not-So-Subtle References to Buddhism and the Enlightenment?

Or did I just somehow miss the boat (pardon the pun)? If so, please “enlighten” me…

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