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Prosperity Gospel and the Singularity

Despite the fact that my alma mater has strong historic ties to the seed-faith movement and its offspring the Prosperity Gospel — I have always viewed these sorts of theologies with suspicion, if not downright contempt.  But while reflecting today … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Joe Satriani from a Former Fan

Dear Satch, I’ve been a loyal fan since I was in high school — when I played the song Always With Me, Always With You so many times I wore out and broke my cassette tape (I realize I’m dating … Continue reading

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Boob Jobs for Christians!

Ordinarily, I try pretty hard to avoid listening to Christian “talk radio” stations, for obvious reasons. But I must have been either bored or incredibly lost on the dial this afternoon, because I managed to stumble across 100.7 The Word … Continue reading

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Beowulf: the Monsters and the Presidents

In the interest of disclosure, I should admit up front that I am unquestionably biased when it comes to my fondness for the Beowulf Epic. I have studied it extensively, been inspired by it, and taught it as well. It’s … Continue reading

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This Makes Me Sad

It appears (at least in this debate) that some Christians — and their lawyers — are on the side of “information lockdown” and the current draconian copyright regime, while some Atheists are on the side of freedom and sharing of … Continue reading

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This is for you, Bettina

(and any other copyright hawks still reading)

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I think they LOST something.

[Spoiler Warning] Last night’s season premiere of LOST didn’t deviate too much from the usual structure: There were flashbacks, revelations, forest chase-scenes, fistfights, weirdness (hello, forced-to-watch-videos-boy), and of course, surprises. Although seriously, who (besides the ex-husband) didn’t see that bus … Continue reading

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