jammin’ with david bailey

David BaileyOk, I think maybe God is trying to tell me something important. Again.

  1. Ten Months ago, I heard Derek Webb‘s album, “Mockingbird” and was inspired to start writing original songs again, after a nearly seven year hiatus.
  2. Then five months ago, I came up with (and blogged about) my “Folk Music Manifesto,” deciding to focus exclusively on that genre as an artist.
  3. Four months ago, I saw David Bailey, a *Presbyterian* Folk artist, in concert. I hadn’t realized there were “others” out there. I was impressed.
  4. Two weeks ago, I actually *met* Derek Webb at the PGF conference, and heard him live in concert, where I was inspired by the full, rich, sound of his twelve-string guitar.
  5. One week ago, I bought a twelve string guitar.
  6. Last night, I heard David Bailey in concert again, at the Presbyterian Evangelism conference in Nashville.
  7. And then there was tonight…

I was hosting a party for presbymergent in a 6th floor suite, and decided to bring my new guitar along. Then David Bailey walked through the door. I offered him a beer, then showed him my shiny new guitar, which he played, while I played harmonica. After awhile, he went to his room to get his guitar, came back, and proceeded to show me a multitude of new chords, walking bass-lines, Capo tricks, and chord progressions. He even gave me one of his partial Capos (that I had been drooling over all night long) and a couple of his CDs before he left. Excuse me while I collect the pieces of my mind from the floor and walls to which they were blown. Oh, and did I mention he also gave me some great advice about songwriting, playlists, venues, and performing?

I’m still kind of reeling, and trying not to be an annoying, gushing, fanboy. But I have to wonder if all these people/things/influences have come together for a reason and a purpose.

And in Nashville, of all places.

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