Kill ’em, Jesus…Kill ’em!

Ok, so I think this video was designed to “inspire” right wing evangelicals.

But mostly it just scares the holy @#$#@ out of me. Is this REALLY the kind of religion we belong to? If it is, then see ya. Think maybe I’ll try one without swords…

Oh, and WTF is God-Tube????

UPDATE (9/10/07): Ok, ok, ok! Yes, I’m a hopeless hypocrite. I’ve been convicted. The truth is (as will be only too apparent in my next post) I love swords: medieval dragon-slaying knights, swashbuckling pirates, light-saber wielding Jedi, blue-faced-kilt-wearing Scottish warriors, you name it. And I’ve passed this sword-blood-lust on to my son, too. And I don’t quite know how to reconcile all of this with the liberal, pacifist, turn-the-other-cheek, Jesus-following part of me. Maybe I just need to be a two-faced hypocrite for awhile. I want to repent, but I can’t. I still don’t like this video. Even though the music (and the swords) are cool.

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