Labor Day, but No Labor…

We painted his room. I assembled his crib, varnished his chest of drawers, put together his rocking chair. We plugged in the nightlight, hung all his little clothes, got all the diapers ready next to the changing table. I even put together his toys and played with them.

So where the heck is this kid??????

I think he’s decided to stay in the womb. I mean, who wouldn’t? He’s got food, shelter, warmth, and whenever he wants attention he just plays trampoline on his mother’s bladder. Yep, that must be the life…

Since Amy’s official due date isn’t until this Wednesday, I guess I could be jumping the gun a bit. I guess I just spent the past month thinking, “I’m not ready, I have to finish…” but now that I’m finally ready (I even vacuumed the entire house yesterday) impatience kicks in. Waiting has never been my strong suit.

In other news, two of my favorite students have joined the blogosphere: One is Ana, who graduated from Sunset in 2003 and currently attends Brigham Young University in Utah. The other is Francis, who was the editor-in-chief of last year’s Bison Bits and (for the record third year in a row) is a student in my Creative Writing class. Drop by, say hello, and leave them plenty of comments to make them feel welcome in this crazy blogging community of ours.

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