Live from American Airlines Flight 1144

Once again, I find myself deep within the belly of the great steel bird. Mrs. Lopez (my principal) is sitting three seats down from me, so unfortunately, I’ll have to behave myself this flight.

Last post, I made notice of this small, randomly connected world we live in–I didn’t see Nazir this morning, but even more randomly, I’m sharing this very flight with Ron and Suzanne Bowles–Ron was Amy’s choir director at First Baptist, El Paso when we were in high school, and the Bowles’ are friends with Amy’s parents. Good Baptists, all. So I think they were a little shocked initially at my earring, facial hair, flip flops, baseball cap, and JFK t-shirt. Not exactly attire sanctioned by the Southern Baptist convention. To their credit, though, it took them only two seconds to recover, and we had a pleasant conversation about El Paso, babies, music, and other non-controversial subjects. Mostly, it was just good to see friendly, familiar faces in an unexpected place.

Here comes the “if-the-plane-burts-into-flames-the-silly-little flotation-device-you’re-sitting-on-will-save-you” speech. I’d better go, so I can listen attentively. And try not to laugh…

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