And the Blog goes round…

It’s late, I haven’t packed yet, and my flight leaves for DC tomorrow morning at 6:30 am. So what am I doing with my valuable time? Blogging, of course.

In my staff development class today, I did a presentation to the other teachers about blogging–seemed to go well, and if any of you (teacher types) are visiting, please drop a comment below! Our community gets bigger and bigger, doesn’t it?

I posted scores for this Wednesday’s Academic Decathlon meeting over on the Acadec Blog, for the curious and impatient. Yes, Victor, I got all three of your calls Wednesday night.

Amy left this morning with her parents for their annual family reunion–I’ll actually miss not being there this year (great opportunity to sail my sailboat), but even if I had gone, I probably would have been greatly ignored amidst the commotion and fuss over the “expectant mother.” That’s OK. I’ll settle for the Smithsonian, if I get enough time off to go, that is…

Nazir (Legendary Saint of Swords) called me this evening, and will be off to Harvard for his summer program tomorrow morning, leaving from DFW Airport around the same time I do. What a small, randomly connected world this is.

With any luck, sometime in the next few days I’ll blog from somewhere interesting in our nation’s capitol. Let’s hope it’s not a hotel room. Until then, have a good weekend, be safe, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do…

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