Locke Epic: Part II (prose summary)

Unfortunately, the manuscript for the second half of the epic referenced in the previous post has never been discovered, although rumour holds it to have been damaged beyond recognition in a great fire sometime during the 14th Century, much like its apparent inspiration, the Beowulf epic.

However, from all accounts, the gist of it is that the twins graduated in all their academic glory, family and friends alike hailed their intellectual prowess, and the two graduates began hasty departure preparations for an even greater journey accross the great ocean to the ancient lands of Europe for a month or so. They also made plans to reunite with the poet (older brother) later that summer for an adventure exporing the famed Apalachian trail in Tennessee.

The poet himself returned home in the great sky-boat to his beautiful, much-missed, baby-filled wife, where he will continue to dole out rewards and punishments (grades) to his legions of mighty (and not-so-mighty) warrior-students in the legendary portable mead-hall #17. May the epic go ever on…

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