Now Taking Requests…

Ok. Teacher talent show rapidly approaching. Next Friday. Notice creative use of frags. Only acceptable after you know the rule.

Anyhow, hopefully this time they won’t make me start playing before everyone gets to the auditorium. My tradition in past years has been to play something I wrote for the first show (which I did, even if you missed it), and then to cover some other song for the second one. Last year I did “Can’t Take My Eyes of You” by Frankie Valley Four Seasons (the song from “Ten Things I Hate About You”). Following is a list of songs I’m considering–I’ll entertain suggestions not on the list, but chances are unless you’re my age, I’m not going to know your song well enough to play by next Friday. Or want to. Unless I like your taste in music. Which is not too likely.

1. “Living on a Prayer” -Bon Jovi
2. “Lovesong” –The Cure (NOT 311)
3. “Friday I’m in Love” –The Cure
4. “Two Princes” –Spin Doctors (This one is my favorite so far)
5. “There She Goes” –The La’s
6. “With or Without You –U2
7. “Politik” –Coldplay
8. “Heaven Isn’t Too Far Away” –Warrant
9. “Desperado” –The Eagles
10. “When I See You Smile” –Bad English (how ironic)

Yes, I know–they’re mostly 80’s songs. What did you expect? Let me know if you see one you want to hear.

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