Myself on Open Source Audio

Open Source AudioI just uploaded all five of my “folk-songs” to Open Source Audio, a division of the Internet Archive. I love this project, and it’s a great place to find interesting songs, documentaries, short films, and audio recordings – all licensed under Creative Commons, and free to use/share/remix. And if you go there now, you can also find:

  1. A Simple Song to Help Stop the War
  2. Why Can’t You Be Like Me
  3. Golden Door
  4. Imperfect Love Song
  5. Poorest Man

There’s an option to add a review to each, if you’re so inclined…

I’m also working on recording some of my arrangements and expansions of well-known hymns — when I’m done, I’ll put them all in album format, and call it Hymns and Heresies.

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