Boob Jobs for Christians!

Ordinarily, I try pretty hard to avoid listening to Christian “talk radio” stations, for obvious reasons. But I must have been either bored or incredibly lost on the dial this afternoon, because I managed to stumble across 100.7 The Word FM, broadcasting The Scott Wilder Show.

I don’t remember what they were talking about, but as soon as they cut to the commercial break, something caught my attention: It was a commercial advertising plastic surgery – breast augmentations, tummy tucks, etc. – all for the noble purpose of “giving you the body you’ve always wanted.”


I see ads for plastic surgery all the time, and the clinic was located in Highland Park (the Beverly Hills of North Texas), so I guess I’m not too surprised, but still…I thought Christian radio stations were at least somewhat conscientious about what they advertised, and the values their ads reflect.  Yeah, I know cosmetic surgery is occasionally both good and necessary, but that didn’t seem to be the kind they were selling here.

Maybe I’m just way out of touch. Maybe there’s nothing theologically wrong with spending thousands of dollars to make yourself look sexually attractive and half your age, or sending that kind of message to kids who already have serious body-image issues.  But when there are 15-year olds in my youth group getting collagen injections to make their lips more full, and single moms in my church saving up their money for breast implants, I can’t help but feel like we (the body of Christ) must be seriously off-message.

I find myself echoing my friend and fellow theological trouble-maker, Ryan Pappan, who likes to put it this way:


I don’t know anymore. You tell me…

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