Midnight Hour Comment Fix Partial Solution

This is for Noemi, Jonathan, Willer, and Mrs. Grimes (and anyone else who had two or more years invested in blog-back comments).

You remember that file you “exported” that looks like a bunch of code when opened?

  • Open it again, but using the notepad program (right click on the file, and select “open with” then notepad).
  • On the first line you’ll see these two tags:
  • Copy this line and paste between them: Save and exit.
  • Open this file and then save it in the same folder you exported your comments to.
  • Click to open your comments file again, using your web browser.

You should see all of your comments lumped together from beginning to end, but at least in readable format. You can upload these two files to your blog then link to them in the side bar. If I find a better solution, I’ll pass it on as well.

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  1. La Lady says:

    umm okay… lol i know u werent talking to me but its fun posting comments on your blog…. hehehe plus im trying to keep awake because im working on a essay for my wld hist. class so yeah gotta wake up n smell my resources for the paper, lol ttyl

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