My First Sermon

This past weekend the pastor of our church was out of town on a mission trip with some members of our congregation. As a full-time staff member, one of my non-youth related job duties is to fill in when he’s gone. So, to put it in “school” terminology, I got to be the substitute teacher, or perhaps more accurately, the substitute “preacher.” While I have always enjoyed public speaking, I have never actually preached a full sermon before, so it was an interesting and rather enjoyable experience. For anyone interested, I’m posting a link to the text of my sermon, and some of the pictures I used as a slide show in the background. Unfortunately there are some visual (props) and audio (music) aspects of the sermon that get lost in this version, but hopefully you can still get the general idea. Warning: It’s a sermon. That means (for those of you with incredibly short attention spans) it’s rather long.

“Formed for God’s Family”

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