My Baby Sister’s Getting Married!

Congratulations to my sister, Emily Mae Locke, and her Fighter Pilot Top-Gun Guy Boyfriend (now fiance), Mark Jennings.

By now, Em is probably somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean on her way to the middle east, where she’ll be deployed for the next two months (over Christmas) flying a large gas-station for the US Air Force. That sucks.

But last night before she left, she called to let us know that Mark proposed to her (and she said yes, of course). She told Amy all the details of the proposal, ring, etc. — but I’m a guy. All I heard was that my little baby sister is getting married. Sniff.

By the way, if you’re on facebook, you can join our movement to draft her!

And Mark, if you’re reading this — you didn’t have to ask our sister to marry you just to come with us on the Belgian Beer Tour (but we’re glad you did)!

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