Bend Over, Oral Roberts: Here Comes Pat Robertson!

Evil PatBecause Oral Roberts University doesn’t have enough problems now that Richard Roberts has officially resigned, suddenly Pat Robertson is offering his help. Great idea — replace one greedy, corrupt, power-tripping televangelist for another one. From Roberts’ son to Robertson. That’ll help.

Let’s see, Regent University, the school Pat Robertson bought founded and is currently screwing helping, has been in the news lately: It seems that all the geniuses who helped former US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales get himself into legal deep doo-doo just happened to be Regent Law School graduates! Must’ve been the required fundamentalist legal ethics courses.

But I’m sure all that has nothing to do with Robertson, right? The school has achieved some great things under his leadership, like a bar passage rate that’s well below the state average, and being ranked as a bottom-tier school by US News and World Report.

And now he’s giving ORU advice. Hey, maybe he could be the next ORU President? Maybe ORU and Regent could merge? That would be fun…

MESSAGE TO PAT ROBERTSON: Stay the #$@^% away from my Alma Mater!

  • ORU needs a President who is *not* a polarizing figure.
  • ORU needs a President who is *not* a televangelist or a minister.
  • ORU needs a President who can bring healing, not more division.

And more selfishly, I need an undergraduate degree that holds its value and is respected in the world of Academia (stop laughing), not just in the land of the Religious Right. I was really thinking wishing dreaming hoping that ORU was finally on its way to becoming that…

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