So I’m not doing NaBloPoMo. It’s a great idea, but blogging every day for a month just isn’t realistic for me right now. But today comes a different sort of challenge–one I’m willing to take a stab at. Annie writes in her blog that:

There are really big issues that I hide from this blog. Every issue I have so far conquered and bore here became monumentally easier to conceptualize and process. Plus, the big issues typically drew many comments and emails from others grateful to have that topic’s online cherry busted. Experience tells me I’m limiting myself by limiting the boundaries of this blog. Few things annoy me more than realizing I’m limiting myself somehow.

Yeah…that resonates with me. My commitment this month is to blog about some things I’ve been avoiding because they’re “too big” or “too deep” or “to whatever.” I imagine I’ll still post some pictures of Grady, and some mundane things about TV or the Web, but along the way, I hope this month will be soul-baring. Starting with the very next post…

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