New Look, New Theme: Guthrie 1.0

This new site design is, although still not quite finished, my first attempt at writing a wordpress theme. I’m calling it “Guthrie” after (duh, right?) Woody Guthrie. I hope that it lives up to its namesake as a simple, straightforward, and useful theme.

I believe in credit where credit is due, so although I did conceive of and code most of this from scratch, I also used much from other themes I like — more specifically, Kubric, by Michael Heilemann; Cleaker, by Adam Walker Cleaveland; and LivingOS Delta, by Tim Hyde

Although eventually I’ll replace it with the more familiar banner from my old site, for now I absolutely love the header photograph: It’s called “Dust Bowl Farm” by Dorothea Lange, and is archived at the Library of Congress in the Public Domain. Lange was a friend and contemporary of both Woody Guthrie, and my favorite writer, John Steinbeck.

After I finish tweaking it, my plan is to release it publicly for others to download and use. While I’m “beta testing it,” you can help me by pointing out anything that looks off or in the wrong place, especially if you use Internet Explorer or Safari. And feel free to let me know what you think!

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