No, Daddy, I am NOT a contrarian!

[6:30am in Austin, Tx. over Thanksgiving holiday]
Grady: [crying loudly from his makeshift room] Mommy!!! Daddy!!!
Daddy: [stumbling half-awake into Grady’s room] It’s not time to wake up yet, Grady.
Grady: Yes, it IS time to wake up!
Daddy: Ugggh! No wonder — Your diaper is soaking wet.
Grady: No, Daddy. My diaper is NOT wet!
Daddy: [changing diaper] Yes, Grady, it is.
Grady: NO. It’s NOT!
Daddy: Well, now it isn’t, because I changed it.
Grady: NO, Daddy, you DIDN’T change it!
Daddy: Yes, I did.
Grady: No. You didn’t.
Daddy: Grady, you are a contrarian.
Grady: No, Daddy — I’m NOT a contrarian.
Daddy: [exasperated] Fine. You’re not a contrarian.
Grady: Ok. I’m a contrarian, Daddy.
Daddy: [laughing] That’s my little contrarian…
Grady: Daddy?
Daddy: Yes, my little contrarian?
Grady: Daddy, I’m not a little contrarian.
Daddy: You’re not?
Grady: No, Daddy. I’m a BIG contrarian.

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