Now Accepting Nominations

Amy had her second visit to the doctor today, and during the ultrasound, apparently our little peanut waved at her. I’m jealous, of course. Well, at least I know for sure now that our child has at least one arm. Which reminds me yet again how irreversible this countdown towards birth really is. So on that note, since the day of reckoning is fast approaching, I will now open the blog floor to suggestions for a name for the little Locke. Here are some guidelines:
1. No strange and ridiculous names that would scar him or her for life, please (consider rhymes, too).
2. Only submit your own name for consideration if you have been a positive influence in my/our life.
3. Cartoon characters are out. Literary characters, however, will be considered.
4. “George” and “Arnold” are definitely out of the question. Don’t even try.
5. Finally, keep in mind that my wife has ultimate veto power on this…

Name away…

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