Preaching and Presenting

Busy week. I’m preaching at my church this Sunday morning, and then presenting a writer’s workshop at Barnes & Noble this Monday evening. I know I’m late in asking this, but any input you have on either topic (or resources) would be appreciated…

SERMON: The text is Exodus 17:1-7, and is the story of Moses striking a rock to provide water for thirsty Israelites wandering around in the desert. I think I’m going to talk about the sometimes foolish and counterintuitive things (like hitting a rock with a stick) that God calls us to do in order to grow (both in spirit & body). I might equate “striking rocks” to “taking risks” or stepping out in faith. I might digress to talk about biblical literalism vs. myth & metaphor, or another digression to talk about needs (like water) vs. wants. Annie & John, if you’re reading, I was also wondering if there’s any tie-in I could make about water in the desert and sustainability in developing countries today.

WORKSHOP: Here’s the “official” title and description: Copyright, copyleft, and the Future of the Publishing Industry. We’ll take a brief look at the origins of copyright law, its present state, and recent developments in the concept of “intellectual property.” We’ll explore some dangers, pitfalls, and misconceptions, but also ways writers can use emerging copyright tools and technologies to their advantage. Finally, we’ll step back and consider the larger trends and shifts in the publishing industry that have the potential to leave established institutions in obscurity, while elevating to prominence writers who are prepared for publishing in the 21st century.

Anyone in the Dallas area is welcome to come to either event — the church is located at 10930 College Parkway, Frisco 75035, worship @10:45 Sunday mornings. The writer’s workshop will be at Barnes & Noble in the Frisco Stonebriar Mall, 2601 Preston Rd. Frisco, 75034 and will be this Monday night @ 7:00pm.

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7 Responses to Preaching and Presenting

  1. Joe Locke says:

    If I remember correctly, Moses got into trouble for striking the rock. I think God commanded him to speak to it and he hit it out of anger for some reason. I may be getting my myths confused, but thats just what came to mind when you referred to this story.

  2. Jeff Locke says:

    It doesn’t go so far as to suggest Moses’ motive for disobeying God’s instructions, but Joey is right.

  3. Jeff Locke says:

    Hey, you should talk about civil disobedience or just plain disregard for copyright laws at your workshop.

  4. Jeff Locke says:

    and maybe bring in the resent controversy (or lack there of) of Barack Obama using Gov. Deval Patrick’s speech

  5. Jeff Locke says:

    of course, then you would have to go into the difference between plagiarisms and copyright

  6. Neal Locke says:

    My dear brothers — I love you both, but you’re wrong on this one. Check the verse again. It’s later on when Moses tries to duplicate the feat on his own that God gets angry. This time he is obeying God when he strikes the rock.

    Thanks, Jeff for the Obama plagiarism idea — I think I will bring that one up. BTW, I don’t think what he did was bad. Still don’t know if I’ll vote for him or not, but I proudly support his right to borrow!

  7. Jeff Locke says:

    Yeah, you’re right

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