She Likes Flowers

For the past few weeks, every time I would hold Abby (who is now almost 3 months old) she would fuss and complain until I turned her to face a certain direction in our living room — always the same direction. Then she would smile and make happy gurgly noises and start to get excited. So I had the idea last week to narrow things down. I picked her up, held her in her “favorite direction” and we basically played the equivalent of the game “hot or cold.” When she fussed, I was cold. When she laughed, I was moving in the right direction.

It was flowers. An arrangement of cloth flowers that Amy actually made several years ago, that was sitting high up on top of our china cabinet. But whenever I hold Abby high up in the air in front of the flowers, she gets excited, starts flailing her arms and legs, laughing and smiling and gurgling and babbling and laughing.

I just hope she’ll always be this pleased with the simple beauty in the world around her.

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