ratemyteacher.comTwo years after my departure from full-time public school teaching, my name and “reputation” seem to have lingered on after me. Someone pointed this website out to me, and lo and behold — I’ve been rated! Looks like three out of four reviews are positive, but I sure did make one person mad. Of course, all I could think about when reading the critique of myself as an “uptight loser” who doesn’t realize there’s “more to life than teaching” was the fact that my reviewer made about three grammatical mistakes in one short, poorly constructed sentence. So, I have to agree with his or her negative assessment — especially because, as a high school English teacher, I apparently failed to do my job and teach the proper writing skills necessary for intelligent discourse in a public forum.

Anyhow, if any of my former students would like to add your two cents to the mix (positive or negative), please feel free to exercise your right of free speech!

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