Mr. Locke’s Classroom goes “Open”

I had a long talk with a friend today about traditional security vs. “soft security” (the kind of security practiced by Wikipedia, among others). It’s time to start practicing what I preach.

This is my blog. It will always be, first and foremost, my blog. But as of today, it is your blog, too. I’ve set the permissions up so that anyone who registers (see side panel to the right and down) as a user of this blog can publish posts here. Obviously, there are limits to this and (since it’s my blog) I still reserve the right to hit the “delete” button on any article or change my mind about this whole thing tomorrow. If you’re a spammer, don’t even think about it. But consider it a bold experiment — success or failure will become evident over time, and either one is a worthy pursuit.

My only requests are that if/when you post an article, please use your real name (not anonymously or with your “screen name”) and make sure it’s actually an article — something with depth, or something funny, or something interesting (although I realize my own posts don’t always rise to that level) — as opposed to just “saying hello,” asking me a question, dropping a link, or replying to someone (those things belong in comments). You can post something you know I’m passionate about, or interested in, or you can post something that you’re passionate about or interested in. Either way, consider yourself my “guest blogger.”

And welcome…

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