Resorting to Bribery…

Attention timid freshmen: I’ve tried encouraging, cajoling, and nudging you gently into posting a comment or two on this blog–a good habit to develop, and one we’ll use for actual points when we start getting into literature next week.

Unfortunately, I am also familiar with freshman psychology:

Fish#1: You go first.
Fish #2: No, you go first.
Fish #1: No, you.
Fish #2: No, you.
Fish #1: Nobody else is doing it.
Fish #2: It must be “uncool.”
Fish #1: Yeah, anything teachers tell you to do must be uncool.

Alright already! If I must, to get this thing started, I’ll resort to bribery. The first one of my freshmen to make a comment on this post gets a bison buck. Make sure to include your name and period in the comment, and please try to say something original (as opposed to just “hi”).

Sorry Christina (Puga), you can’t play this one. But your cousin can…

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