Welcome Back and Here We Go!

A collective groan sounds accross the city of Dallas today, as thousands of teenagers abandon the freedom of summer for the shackles of secondary education. Well…at least until they actually get to school, see their long lost friends and have the following conversation:

Teen1: So. What’d you do this summer?
Teen2: Nothin’. You?
Teen1: Nothin’. It was boring.
Teen 2: Yeah.
Teen 1: So. You like your new classes?
Teen2: Nah, they’re all boring.
Teen1: Yeah, mine too. I can’t wait for next summer.
Teen2: Yeah. That’ll be fun.

Anyhow, welcome back students, parents, bloggers, and especially to my brand new freshmen. I hope you will find this website as useful as those who went before you did. Feel free to look around, check your assignments (links to the left), peruse some student blogs (links to the right), or click on the “comments” link at the bottom of this post to share your own thoughts. Who knows, you might even earn some ASK points.

Teen1: ASK points? What the heck are those?
Teen2: Dunno. Sounds boring to me…

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