S.O.C.!!! (Save Our Comments)

This is mostly for the old-school bloggers. Dillema–in case you haven’t noticed (and if you haven’t, just click “comment” and read the banner at the top of the pop-up box) our comment host, Blogback, is going out of business in October. Which means all of our comments for the past two years go with it, unless some resourceful person finds a way to save them.

Don’t panic. Most of you are using blogger’s built in comment system. As far as I can tell, the ones who aren’t include me, Mrs. Grimes, Noemi, Jonathan, Isaac, Willer, and possibly one or two others I’ve missed.

I’ve logged into my account at blogback (which is a shared account with Jonathan & Noemi–email me if you forgot the login/passwd), and there is a feature available to export all of your comments. But it exports them into XML format, which I’m not too familiar with, and which is not “readable” to the average person. The problem is where then to import them? I checked blogger, and they currently don’t support importing comments. That’s the dead end I ran into.

I’m hoping that someone clever with a little bit of free time [ha!] will look around and see if any of the other blogback users (I know there have to be hundreds, at least) have found any kind of solution we can borrow. If not, that’s a lot of fond memories and friendly (mostly) words down the drain…

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