Longhorn Victor

Ok, so it may be a pretty dramatic way to get someone’s attention, but Victor deserves a post anyhow. This past weekend, I went with Victor (and his mother & brother) down to Austin to help him move in and get acquainted with his new home–University of Texas at Austin. Needless to say, the trip brought back a lot of memories. Later, I asked my mom if she still remembered driving me up to Tulsa for that first day on campus my freshman year. She remembered taking both me and my roommate Aleksander to Wal-Mart for the essentials: Ramen Noodles, posters, plastic shelves, kool-aid, and sticky-tack to hold the room together.

I got to relive the moment on Saturday, when I took Victor and his roommate Pedro to Wal-mart for the same reasons. I think we found just about everything but the sticky-tack, but their room looks surprisingly more sturdy (and slightly larger) than mine was. Later on Saturday, Victor and I drove around campus finding his classes. I feel for him–four different buildings on four completely different corners of the 40 acre campus, each as far from the next as physically possible. Big campus. And a somewhat confusing bus schedule to try to get to them as well–take the FA bus from dorm to class, the WC bus back to dorm, then the LA bus to the next class, and so on, and so forth. Every classroom we checked out was a large stadium-seating lecture hall–one was even a large stadium seating lecture hall IN a large stadium (he actually has a class in the Longhorn Stadium; a psychology class, no less).

Oh, well. Victor and Pedro seemed pretty thrilled just to be on their own and finally off to college. I’m sure they’ll both do just fine. You can check out Victor’s blog at The World Today, although with campus internet access at a ridiculous $20 per month, it may be awhile before he’s able to update it.

Victor, if you’re reading this, I meant to call and check how you guys were doing, but I can’t find your phone number anywhere. Email me or call my cell phone sometime so I can write it down again. I hope you had a chance to practice the busses today before classes start tomorrow. Good luck, and hook ’em horns!

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