Stupid Yard & Square Trees

I drove up to my house this afternoon and instantly noticed all three of my neighbors (on both sides and accross the street) were mowing their yards. Mine, as always, was a jungle. I caved to the peer pressure and dragged the mower out from its winter hibernation, then proceeded to mow the stupid yard.

While I was mowing, I got to thinking about something a fellow teacher had told me earlier today, and the more I thought, the more irritated I became. He had the audacity to tell me that as someone who likes nature, I should “enjoy” yardwork.

There is NOTHING “natural” about a stupid, manicured, trimmed, imported, bought-flowers-at-the-store, suburban neighborhood YARD! Basically, I mow because I’m afraid of getting lynched.

Then tonight I read Annie’s blog, and an article she posted about square trees in Scotland. Yep…it figures. Give the freakin’ yuppies in my neighborhood a few more years, and we’ll probably have to plant square trees, too. @#$@#%!!!!

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