Welcome Home, Grady

It was decidedly a long day today, and everyone is pretty much exhausted around here. We packed up this morning to leave the hospital, but one thing led to another and we didn’t actually leave until sometime just after noon. Grady had to undergo the infamous “snip” early this morning, and was cranky for most of the day. I did quiet him down once with Tennyson’s Ulysses at the hospital, and then later this evening at home with Steinbeck’s Cannery Row. I also sang to him a little while his mother took a much, much needed long nap.

It was an incredible feeling driving him the old familiar road to our house. We’ve brought people over to visit our house plenty of times, but never brought someone home to stay. Permanently. In a few months, it will feel like this is just as much his house as it is ours. I hope he likes it here. He should, though, because after all we did with it, his room is the nicest one in the house. Of course I couldn’t resist the temptation to post some pictures…

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