WWII Films

Happy Thanksgiving! Now that the turkey-leftovers are growing cold, and the football games are over, it’s time to get started with Mr. Locke’s cruel, evil, Thanksgiving homework…

Instead of posting topics for discussion on each separate film, let’s maybe focus on things they might all have in common:

  • What (from the perspective of the film) was life like during WWII?
  • Does the film portray the “enemy” (Germans, Japanese, Italians) more or less sympathetically than you might have expected? (especially Empire of the Sun, Saving Private Ryan, and Deep Blue World)
  • All of the films are “historical fiction.” How does historical fiction “stack up” or compare to the real, non-fiction accounts of the war that we’ve read (Steinbeck’s journalism, Clyde Cosper news article, Letter from George Hynes, etc.)? Do some of the films tend to “glamorize” war?

Let the discussion begin (and try not to wait until the last minute of the last day)…

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