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Beowulf: the Monsters and the Presidents

In the interest of disclosure, I should admit up front that I am unquestionably biased when it comes to my fondness for the Beowulf Epic. I have studied it extensively, been inspired by it, and taught it as well. It’s … Continue reading

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Beowulf Movie

Last night I finally took Amy to see Stardust, one of my favorite films this year. I’d seen the trailer for the new Beowulf movie before, but for some reason last night I really started thinking about it for the … Continue reading

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WWII Films

Happy Thanksgiving! Now that the turkey-leftovers are growing cold, and the football games are over, it’s time to get started with Mr. Locke’s cruel, evil, Thanksgiving homework… Instead of posting topics for discussion on each separate film, let’s maybe focus … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Steinbeck Film

Alright–as of today, my freshman should have finished the A&E Biography of John Steinbeck, so here’s a chance to comment. I realize that documentaries are by nature very different than movies you might be used to watching–no car chase scenes, … Continue reading

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He Must Be My Son After All…

His “due date” was two days ago, so I was beginning to think that he was his mother’s child: frequently late. But today I finally got my classroom ready for my weeklong paternity absence, graded all my ungraded papers, had … Continue reading

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