Grady-Daddy Camping Trip

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This past weekend, Grady and I left suburbia behind for our first-ever-Daddy-and-Grady-camping-trip. We both thought it was pretty cool.

The original plan had been to camp at one of several campgrounds near one of the many lakes in the Dallas area, but due to the volumes of rain we’ve had this summer, all were flooded, and closed. Fortunately, some friends of ours have a ranch/farm/bed&breakfast way out in the country north of Frisco called Bison Hollow, where the youth group has had our last two confirmation retreats. They were generous enough to let us set up camp out by one of their barns, with the added benefit that Grady got to feed goats, too!

In addition to roasting marshmallows, playing horseshoes, taking many forest hikes, “breaking in” my brand new porta-potty, playing baseball, snacking on trail mix and all the other fun stuff associated with camping, we brought along some cheap plastic water guns, and had been playing with them earlier in the day. Later, when Grady said he needed to go potty, I introduced him to the glories of being a male in the great outdoors — we used a tree.

Grady: Daddy, you’re just like a water gun!

Daddy: [trying very hard to suppress laughter and maintain control]

Grady: Look! I’m like a water gun, too!

Daddy: Yes, Grady. Please don’t shoot me.

Anyhow, the rest of the pictures are here.


Grady-Daddy Camping Trip — 5 Comments

  1. I clicked on the picture link and this is what I saw:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare getmicrotime() (previously declared in /home/.matuxa/iraneal/ in /home/.matuxa/iraneal/ on line 1067

    I’m not as knowledgeable a geek as you, but “Fatal error” strikes me as suggesting there’s a problem.

  2. Ok. I fixed it. Looked like it was a conflict between ploggerpress (which runs my photo album) and a new plugin I installed just the other night called podpress. I was hoping I could use it as a player for my folk song mp3s, but looks like it still needs more tweaking. Anyhow, the pictures are back.

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