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Joe the Messiah

Warning: I’m thinking out loud here, so if you’re ultra-orthodox or easily offended, this might not be for you. Earlier today in my Patristic Readings in Greek class, we came across an interesting word. I don’t have a good Greek … Continue reading

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Obligatory Post-Holiday Post

877862888908 Two years ago as a high-school teacher, I was insanely busy and stressed throughout most of the year (including summer, despite incorrect assumptions on the part of non-educators–but that’s a different post). The two-week Christmas break, however, was always … Continue reading

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Steinbeck’s Once There Was a War Part I: England

So we launch into a new six weeks (yes, I realize this is a bit late) and a new theme, as we follow Steinbeck to Europe for his non-fiction journalism during World War II. Two prominent themes become apparent in … Continue reading

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The People vs. George Milton

I hereby call to order the trial of the People of the State of California vs. George Milton for the alleged murder of Lennie Small. The accused pleads innocent on account of “I hadda do it. I just had to.” … Continue reading

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Novels in the Home Stretch

As you are hopefully flipping the final pages of your independent reading novels, here are some topics for consideration (and debate): East of Eden: One word–timshel. Why is it so important to Adam? To Cal? To Steinbeck? And where do … Continue reading

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Pearls, Ponies, and Points

The Pearl: Between the Doctor, the Priest, and the Pearl Buyers, Steinbeck is trying to make a point here about the effect that power, money, and greed can have on a person. Any thoughts? The Red Pony: There’s a sort … Continue reading

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Sentiments on Steinbeck

Of Mice and Men (Chapter One): In the first chapter, Steinbeck lays out three of the novel’s major subjects: loneliness, dreams, and inequality. Anybody notice any of them already? Grapes of Wrath (Chapter Three): This is one of the most … Continue reading

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