Abigail Ashley Locke

109810991100 She was born at 1:54pm on St. Nicholas day (December 6th). She weighs 9 pounds and 11 ounces, and is 20.5 inches long. She’s a beautiful baby girl with a soft, sweet cry that is so different than her older brother’s was, three years ago — but just as endearing. Her first name, Abigail, is in honor of Amy’s mother, Gayle. Her middle name, Ashley, is in honor of my great grandparents, Ira and Minnie Ashley. She’s part Sawyer, and part Locke, and looks completely like she belongs in the family.

Amy was in labor with Abby for a little less than five hours — our nurse (and friend, Amy Guest) called her “Ninja baby” because she was hard to pinpoint, and then elusive when labor started. Just when we started talking about a C-Section, though, Abigail decided enough was enough, and she came right out (we suspect there were a lot of people praying, too).

Amy’s mom (“G.G.”) came shortly after, and my mom (Grandma Linda) brought Grady. He held his baby sister and sang “It’s raining, it’s pouring” to her, and asked her if she liked Sesame Street. We did the picture thing, and now everyone is resting (except for Grady, who is running and playing somewhere in the hospital with Grandma Linda).

NOTE: Having trouble uploading pictures on the hospital wi-fi — will post more to this blog as am able.

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7 Responses to Abigail Ashley Locke

  1. Joe Locke says:

    Yea! Baby Abigail 🙂 I am so glad you posted this blog entry. I’ve been checking your blog a couple times a day for over a week hoping to hear (read, experience) something. What I read was nothing, but what I experienced was suspense. I am so glad to have a little niece and what a beautiful girl she is. Lovely name as well. I like the creative, but traditional, you’ve done with both Grady Jeremiah and Abigail Ashley’s names. Lets get Grady and Abigail on facebook!

  2. Jeff Brown says:

    Congratulations Amy, Neal, and big brother Grady! She is beautiful.


  3. Jeff Locke says:


    You won’t remember this day, but we will. Welcome to the Locke family. Women play a special role in this family, as I am sure you will too. In fact, you have already captured our hearts. You are our princess.


    Your Uncle Jeff

  4. Emily Locke says:

    Yea Abigail!!! (and Amy and Neal and Grady)
    I won’t make the same mistake I made with Grady by thinking I was your only Aunt, but I’m excited to be one of them. I’m sure we’ll have some fun once you all move out to New Jersey also.

  5. Lisa says:

    Yay! Welcome, baby Abby! We’re so glad you’re finally here, but none so glad as your mom, dad, and big brother!

    Lisa, John, Coley, and Jalyn

  6. Juan Carlos says:

    Congratulation on the baby girl Mr. Locke-and family!

  7. Neal – Congrats a little late, but welcome another Abby. My second daughter is also an Abigail!

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