At the Hospital, Waiting for Baby

We got here this evening a little after 5:00, and checked in.  The room is nice, as far as hospital rooms go, and our nurse is a friend of a friend.  Early tomorrow (Thursday) morning around 6:00, Amy will be induced and hopefully go into labor shortly thereafter.

Grandma Linda is watching Grady, and both of them got to come up for a visit tonight (and bring dinner).  Grady asked the nurse if she had a “shotter” (as in, “the thing that gives shots”) and Daddy asked the nurse if the hospital had free wi-fi (thankfully, they did).

Things will go quickly tomorrow, but I’ll blog when I can, and post the obligatory pictures.  For those who want more frequent updates, check the “Status” feed in the top of the left sidebar in my blog (I can update it more frequently via my cell phone) .  Unfortunately, you can’t see it in a feed reader or email, so you’ll have to actually visit the website to get the “play by play.”

Anyhow, by this time tomorrow night, we should be a bigger, happier, and more gender balanced Locke family!

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