Computers are wonderful/horrible things

I have two laptops, and neither one works. So here I am at the ancient dinosaur (Amy’s college computer, circa 1996) in the study. Both the dinosaur and the study are soon to be extinct–the study will become the baby’s room, and the dinosaur will make its exit at our garage sale.

Thank goodness the dinosaur hasn’t keeled over yet–perhaps there’s something to be said for gigantic desktop computers over little fragile laptops. Or maybe I just have bad luck with laptops. Come to think of it, maybe I just have bad luck.

I finished an interesting week of writing standardized tests for DISD (sorry kids, the ACP is here to stay for good), and next week I’m off to the Pre-AP institute, where I can learn a few new tricks to torture the next batch of freshmen. (The last Pre-AP institute I went to was the birthplace of Mr. Locke’s infamous “DJ Notes.”)

Next weekend I’m going to Washington, DC for a conference on “Model Schools,” paid for by our benevolent benefactor, Sunset High School. I’ve never really been to DC (just through it), so I’m looking forward most of all to visiting Arlington National Cemetery–the final resting place of my favorite president, JFK (and a few others).

Between Project Pass, Test Writing, Pre-AP Institutes, and the Washington trip, I don’t feel like I’ve had much of a summer vacation yet. Come on, people, where’s the sympathy???

One bright oasis in the midst of my non-summer: Last weekend Amy and I drove down to Houston and got to visit one of my best friends from high school, John Feighery, his wife Annie (you know her from her blog The Same River Twice) and their two little kids. It was a fun, relaxing weekend, a preview of things to come for us, and proof that life goes on after the baby invasion.

Today was my first (sort of) father’s day–Amy got me a card, some fingernail clippers (long story behind that one) and cologne. Then we went out to eat at Olive Garden. I feel a little bit strange celebrating my “fatherhood” when I haven’t really done anything yet. With Amy for Mother’s day, it made sense–she’s been carrying the little guy around with her and putting up with his pre-natal karate training. I just put my hand on her stomach every now and then and say “Hi, kid. Take your time.” But perhaps that’s the essence of fatherhood these days.

Well, the laptop calls. I have erased its brain and re-installed Windows. I hope it works, but I’m not going to hold my breath…

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