Big Boy Bed


Yesterday was one of those milestones in parenting that seems kind of silly when you talk about it, and yet means everything in the world when it happens.

We’ve been talking to Grady about getting a “big boy bed” for quite some time now, and even reading a few books about it. He was super excited when we all went to the store yesterday to pick it up, and after we got home, he even “helped” assemble it with the tools he got from his Grandparents and his Aunt Emily. Then came the best part — snuggling in for bedtime stories!

He only fell out once during the night, and we had placed pillows all around it (it’s pretty low to the ground anyhow) so he didn’t seem that bothered. And he loved getting up this morning and making an unobstructed beeline for his bookshelf. And then, of course, he came bursting into our room to get us out of bed, instead of the other way around.

Here are the rest of the pictures.

His room looks so grown-up now.

Time is flying quickly by.


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3 Responses to Big Boy Bed

  1. Ginger says:

    Yay Grady!! He looks so tiny in his big boy bed!

    I have to make a confession. I didn’t mean to, but I kind of snickered when you said that Grady only fell out of the bed once in the night. Please forgive my parenting ignorance, but does that happen often? How did you know? Now I’m going to have to ask my mom how many times I fell out of the bed. That might explain some things..

    Also, I dig the new haircut!

  2. Neal Locke says:

    Well, I don’t exactly know if it happens often, because we’re only on night number 2. He didn’t fall out of the bed last night.

    When he was in the crib, we didn’t really pay too much attention to his sleep movement, and so initially we didn’t put out the pillows. But after he fell asleep that first night, we kept checking on him, and noticed that he likes to roll all over the place while he sleeps, so we quickly crept in and put down the pillows. About two in the morning, Amy heard him whimpering a little (you sleep very lightly when you have kids — or so I’m told, and my own experience seems to bear it out), and went to check on him. Sure enough, he had fallen out of the bed and landed on the pillows, so she helped him back in and stayed with him a little longer until he fell asleep again. For what it’s worth, I fell out of the bed even when I was a teenager…

    …And the haircut. Well, it was an accident and it won’t happen again. I’m letting it grow back out now; the part that will still grow, that is. Maybe I’m going for a sort of Will Shakepeare, Benjamin Franklin sort of look. I can’t very well be a non-conformist with a haircut that conforms to other people’s preferences, now can I?

  3. Dannah says:

    I’ve finally gotten around to reading some of your blog. Jameson was so sad when we took apart his crib! It broke my heart. But, he had to give it up because Noelle really needed it and I wasn’t going to buy another one. I did paint it white so he thought it was a new one & didn’t know she got his. Poor Jameson.

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