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Homeland Insecurities

Two news stories caught my attention today: It appears that a British citizen of Arabic descent (who also happens to be a member of Parliament) was detained at Dulles Airport and actually had his luggage checked for explosives. The irony … Continue reading

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Fat Church

Ok, so my last church metaphor ruffled a few feathers, for better or worse. This one is perhaps less controversial (maybe less original, too) but still worth thinking about. It starts with a familiar metaphor from the bible itself: The … Continue reading

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Oral Roberts University President Steps Down

Wow. My Alma Matter is in the news today: (thanks for the heads-up, Trait!) Oral Roberts University President Richard Roberts issued a written statement on Wednesday saying he is taking an indefinite leave of absence, following intense scrutiny spawned by … Continue reading

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Controversy Brewing

Those who know me well might argue that if I didn’t *really* enjoy stirring up controversy, then I wouldn’t blog about controversial things. And they would be mostly right in that assessment. However, the backlash at the church where I … Continue reading

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Masturbation Church

NOTE: In light of some recent questions and concerns, I feel the need to stress that this post reflects my own personal views and opinions, and does not in any way reflect those of my church or its staff. Though … Continue reading

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Kill ’em, Jesus…Kill ’em!

Ok, so I think this video was designed to “inspire” right wing evangelicals. But mostly it just scares the holy @#$#@ out of me. Is this REALLY the kind of religion we belong to? If it is, then see ya. … Continue reading

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When a Community Dies…

For most of the past year, I have spent Tuesday mornings, Wednesday mornings, and a handful of Friday nights hanging out at Dunn Bros Coffee shop — a local coffee shop that, while a franchise, is at least NOT $tarbuck$. … Continue reading

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