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Abby & Daddy Piano Duet

At 2:14 minutes in, watch her start conducting… (and dancing, and singing)

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Abby’s First Steps!

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Woody Guthrie This Land Montage

I went foraging on YouTube today, trying to figure out the chords and fingerings for a song I’ve waited much too long to add to my repertoire. I was pretty impressed with what I found. I think Woody would’ve been … Continue reading

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Grady and Abby

You might have to turn the volume way up to hear Grady’s improvised lyrics…

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Kill ’em, Jesus…Kill ’em!

Ok, so I think this video was designed to “inspire” right wing evangelicals. But mostly it just scares the holy @#$#@ out of me. Is this REALLY the kind of religion we belong to? If it is, then see ya. … Continue reading

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Amazing New Technology From Microsoft

This is pretty incredible — I’m impressed with how easy it is to use this voice recognition tool that comes standard with Vista. Maybe someday Linux will catch up… (oh, you have to watch at least two or three minutes … Continue reading

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Today’s viewing entertainment has been brought to you by Novell. I’m not a huge fan of SUSE Linux (Novell’s product) but we’re all on the same team, right? (I’ve been happily using edubuntu Linux for almost two months now). But … Continue reading

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