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Long Stretch to the Finish

It’s Monday night. School’s tomorrow. Easter break is over. Spring break is a fading memory, and now it’s a long hard push to summer. I bet you thought students were the only ones to think that way… In other news, … Continue reading

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Call Me “Polyphemus”

Pinkeye sucks. I’m sitting here at my computer with a big patch over my right eye, which is mostly to keep me from touching it, rubbing it, and making things worse. Things look different with one eye, and I keep … Continue reading

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Breaking a Leg…

I had the honor of watching the first Romeo & Juliet Performance Projects today. Several were very good, a few were hard to watch, but all were worth the while…Among my favorite moments were: Daisy and Joe with a “cool, … Continue reading

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The pilot light on our house’s heating unit picked a winner of a time to go out. And stubbornly refuse to be relighted. We had some one from the yellow pages out to look at it last night, but I … Continue reading

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Way to go, Class of 2008!

Congratulations to the freshman class–you worked together and pulled it off, beating sophomores, juniors, and seniors to win the homecoming decoration competition. One of the things I love most about teaching freshmen is this time of year–I get to watch … Continue reading

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So How Was School?

I’ll take a brief digression from babyland (though he’s in my arms as I blog–one handed,that is) to ask how Sunset High School managed to get along without me today? Was the substitute at least of the human species? And … Continue reading

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Labor Day, but No Labor…

We painted his room. I assembled his crib, varnished his chest of drawers, put together his rocking chair. We plugged in the nightlight, hung all his little clothes, got all the diapers ready next to the changing table. I even … Continue reading

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