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Live from American Airlines Flight 1144

Once again, I find myself deep within the belly of the great steel bird. Mrs. Lopez (my principal) is sitting three seats down from me, so unfortunately, I’ll have to behave myself this flight. Last post, I made notice of … Continue reading

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And the Blog goes round…

It’s late, I haven’t packed yet, and my flight leaves for DC tomorrow morning at 6:30 am. So what am I doing with my valuable time? Blogging, of course. In my staff development class today, I did a presentation to … Continue reading

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Locke Epic: Part II (prose summary)

Unfortunately, the manuscript for the second half of the epic referenced in the previous post has never been discovered, although rumour holds it to have been damaged beyond recognition in a great fire sometime during the 14th Century, much like … Continue reading

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Locke Epic: Part I

So. Thus starts my sky-journey, Early boarding onto this bird of steel. No morning sleep for Mr. Locke! Cramped seating and cold cushions Are little comfort. Leaving ground-friends And beautiful, baby-filled wife sadly behind, Like book legends–Beowulf and Odysseus– I … Continue reading

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Live From ???

Right now I’m somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Nowhere, of course, is that wide expanse of dirt, brush, lizards and sunshine we call West Texas. Amy’s taken over the driving so I can get a quick blog in before … Continue reading

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